Who Exactly is Dejan Mladenovski

That is a very valid question & the fact that you ended up on this page reading it shows your interest so thanks for taking to time to learn about me.Firstly as you may know my name is Dejan Mladenovski where I am born & bred in the greater Sydney area. My specialty is SEO, where I currently work in-house as the Lead SEO Engineer at Localsearch, with a focus on technical SEO where I manage the SEO scaling of the Directory. My day to day duties include managing all facets of SEO, building and managing an in-house SEO team for maximum traffic growth & leading programmatic SEO.

Previously, I was the Senior SEO Manager of an award-winning SEO Agency named Prosperity Media. I have worked my way up the company, starting off as an SEO Specialist several years ago working on the smaller campaigns to now focusing my attention on the enterprise SEO Clients.

I organise two monthly meetup events in Sydney called Organic Search Sydney & co-organise Sydney SEO, where I will behosting & presenting several key subject areas in search engine optimisation such technical SEO (including ausits), Analytics Reporting (namely Google Data Studio), Link Building & Content Optimisation.

Dejan Mladenovski hosting the OMSYD SEO Conference
Hosting the Online Marketing Sydney Conference, Australia's largest SEO Conference in February 2020.

I also run a large construction blog called Build Sydney which discusses the latest developments in the cities highrise construction scene. If you want a first-hand example of my skills as an SEO look no further than this blog as it combines my passion for skyscrapers with my skillset in SEO.

I began my career in Search Engine Optimisation in Affiliate SEO back in 2007 with my very first domain name registration then the creation of a consumer electronics blog (at the humble age of 14). I have since worked at the agency SEO level in multiple senior roles, as an in-house SEO for multiple companies and here as a freelance SEO consultant.

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